Increase Blog value Backlinks with 5 Secret Tips

Increase blog value backlinks with 5 secret tipsIncrease blog value backlinks is a technique of makeup blog SEO friendly optimizing call “Off page” friendly search engine optimization, also it is a serious problem for bloggers who want to increase higher blog ranking on search engine websites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Now a day, many questions were asked in different and typically about useful and powerful way to increase blog value backlinks (get more dofollow blog income links). You know? Before, I also worry about how to increase blog value backlinks the same as well but now I learnt and it is not so difficult and impossible to get more income links. There were many ways to increase higher blog ranking on search engines especially it is so easily for us.

#1 write a popular blog post and helpful for human

I have wrote many articles and told a many bloggers to write a popular blog post and quality articles for their readers because business blogging is choosing writing as habit. When you write none quality articles or nothing useful at all to your audiences means that you have selected a bad habit for your business blogging, thus you will never increase  blog value backlinks or become a successful blogger of your career since nobody does not like bad blogging habit.

Above, I just brief about main benefits of writing a quality blog post for readers but I am not yet to tell you about why quality articles. Well, writing quality blog post for readers will gain indirect benefit of search engine optimization such as increase higher blog ranking faster and effectively. Of cause, offers quality articles to readers will make them happy and enjoy reading your post. When any friends, colleges, readers, and bloggers feel like interested and helpful, you articles will be shared, bookmarked, and/or linked from those people. Result, you will significantly increase blog value backlinks and traffic faster as indirect benefits of write popular posts for readers.

#2 writes more post could increase higher blog ranking

The time constrain is one of reasons make newbie blogger failed with business blogging, most of readers, bloggers, and search engines don’t like none fresh updated since they don’t like that kind of blog perhaps I no need to tell why people not shared or linked to your posts. Therefore, strive to find ways gather new idea for next topics and refresh post frequently.

If you want to increase blog value backlinks, I please recommend you plan writing scheduling and add more time to write more posts. How many? I recommend writing 3 – 5 tips per week for your own post and 5 – 10 articles per months for other bloggers. Why you have to write for others? Answer, because guest blogging is best way to increase higher blog ranking and how to get more value income links, especially delivery quality blog traffic from others because those bloggers will give 1 – 5 depend on their guest post guideline.

Nothing bad, writing as guest blogger or allowed others to write guest posts for you both will benefits of increase  blog value backlinks and traffic from author bio box and/or body contents linked (depend on guest post roles). And bloggers who you have wrote from them could get benefit for fresh updated blog (check #1). In overall, strive to write more articles and submitted to others, or you could leave one here by write for us, Basic Blog Talk. We help to increase higher blog ranking because you will gain to income value income links to post one in body content and another one will automatically link to your home page in author bio box. Oh, wait additional benefit of writing guest post us (Basic Blog Talk) is will gain more social subscribers since we have included your social profiles in your bio, especially you will listed as value guest author in our guest author page.

#3 partner with others bloggers increase  blog value backlinks faster

As I wrote in one tip “Become a successful blogger, why you cannot”, a blogger could not become the successful blogger or increase higher blog ranking faster without help from others. So, try to find out some blogs which have similar purpose and same niche to you and strive to contact to them by propose about your idea or links partnering. I don’t care whatever your ways to contact those bloggers and partnering with them, you have explain clearly about your purpose of your strategy especially you both have win together not just only you could increase blog value backlinks but also them as well.

Note: If any bloggers interested in links partnering or agree with your proposal the one who have to start first is you.

#4 commenting strategy is way to increase higher blog ranking easily.

This is one of my favorite strategies and first links building strategy which I have used it for two year ago since I am become a blogger. The blog commenting strategy is powerful to increase higher blog ranking as well as increase online reputation, especially it is a potential way to become a successful blogger. Sure? Absolutely, the blog comments are important for bloggers because it is not useful link build strategy but it is build active community, straitening relation, find new ideas, and build good brand image (check why blog comments are important for bloggers).

#5 links to other bloggers instead of thanks

I always want say thanks to any bloggers who accepted my guest posts but I think that the words “thanks~” is nothing benefit to them at all, so I decided to one way instead of say thank you. I gave them an opportunity to increase blog value backlinks linke with dofollow income links since I linked to my guest posts within similar topics because I want to help them to increase higher blog ranking. That so surprise! I use links instead of saying thank you but they did same to me and became my partners.

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is owner and found of Basic blog Talk, He was a blogger for two years ago. I love write, reading, listing, and talking about basic blogging tips. Also, I am an active blogger who always guest post and comments, we could connect together for successful blogging career.

32 thoughts on “Increase Blog value Backlinks with 5 Secret Tips

  1. Blog commenting can be a good way of building natural links and will certainly help to increase blog value.

    Apart from the tips you’ve written above, you can create some resource posts which other bloggers will be happy to link to you. This will help to boost ranking.

    Thank you Sok for writing this beautiful post.

    [BTW, I suggest you to give a second reading of your post before you hit Publish buttons. Some sentences could have been made easier to understand if you did second time reading. I understand its hard for us for whom English is second language. Thus, shorter sentences and publish after second reading will make your writing even more powerful.]
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…My eBook Cover Created for FREE Using MyEcoverMakerMy Profile

    • Ambika, absolutely agree! commenting wont get links juice but commenting is best way for build active community and relation with other blogger.

  2. I’m new to blogging and posts like this really help people like me. Right now most of my content is pretty awful, but I know with practice and consistency it will get better. I had not considered guest blogging. Thank you.
    Mark recently posted…Run Your House Like A BossMy Profile

    • Yep. In the beginning our posts don’t create much value for others and consequently they don’t receive much traffic, but as we continue to produce creative works month after month, year after year, we get better at whatever medium we’ve been producing in. Success is all about consistency!
      Cameron Chardukian recently posted…Dreams by Cam ChardukianMy Profile

  3. Different niche needs different requirements for improving the growth of a blog, if you have a business blog then quality is the main issue you have to make its quality of the top level. if you want user will come regularly then you have to share something special of you.
    If you write good you will get backlinks automatically, guest posting and commenting is also a good way.
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted…Why free Hosting is crap and not good for Blogs & WebsitesMy Profile

  4. Great advises to get the valuable back links.Back links are essential to get good serp position to a blog or website.I like this word ” write a popular blog post and helpful for human”.Thanks for share this post with us.

    • Thanks for stop by and commented post. Well, write a popular blog post for human will gain benefit SEO indirectly. Cheer Andrew..! I wish to see you again.

  5. Its true that partnering with other like minded bloggers in your niche helps in increasing your backlinks. You also pointed out something to do with writing posts for humans. This is important because most bloggers just write their post that are suitable for Google crawlers but they don’t mind if the reader will appreciate the content. Content is king and it remains king only when it is relevant to the reader. Provide content that the user is looking for and u will convert them.
    Brown Williams recently posted…About Our Premium Custom Writing Services, Buy Papers from UsMy Profile

    • Absolutely, you said the right! readers is our expectation not robot. Thus, to care more about readers are great way to on the tops and winning

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