White Hate Web 2.0 Link Building Strategy 3

I heard that many blogger tell me that the web 2.0 link building strategy is gone, because the Google search engine update their web spam protect. Actually, I don’t that it is true. Sometime the bloggers confuse between the white hate and black hate strategy. Absolutely, Google strive to improve the users experience by providing […]

How to Make Money Online Trading

On Friday, I got a question from my student. It was really interesting question to me. You know, friends..? He asks me that is it possible to make 10 thousand dollars online in just a day? Also, he continues ask about how to make money online trading? Guest..! What I answer him? Well, I told […]

I Just Get Completely Adsense Account Approved

Hey, bloggers..! What amazing today..? Well, I just get completely Adsense account approved for my own blog Basic Blog Talk Community. Well, actually it take me almost a whole month to find out the way to do this. As I remembers, my Google disable my account last since I have place the Ads on the […]

WordPress SEO Optimization is Too Much Simple

I never expected WordPress SEO optimization say is too much simple like until I found the bellow video from the Matt Cutts on Youtube. Actually, it is not the new video from him but I think that video may be useful for any Wodpress bloggers who want to built a better result for their own […]

How to Become a Real Blogger And Make Money 2

Blogging is almost the simple topic which nothing strange and nothing important to update about how to become a real blogger, but I still got some newbie question and ask me in typically about how to do that. Actually, to be a blogger is not too hard everyone could do that enjoy time just some […]